Google Cardboard Help

Android setup

There are multiple ways to enjoy our downloaded VR video content on your Android phone.

We suggest using "DeoVR" for a user-friendly viewing experience.

  1. Visit SLR Originals and download your selected Cardboard video file.

    Use your login information to access SLR Originals and choose which video you want to download. Follow the onscreen instructions.

  2. Install / Open DeoVR

    We suggest you install "DeoVR". Once installed, you can access DeoVR from a shortcut or within the Google Cardboard app.

  3. Open downloaded file and view the VR video

    You will be able to browser your smartphone folder list as soon as you launch the DeoVR app. All you have to do is to locate the previously downloaded VR video and launch it from the app. Please visit for more information on DeoVR player.